World Humanitarian Summit Global Synthesis Report 2015

World Humanitarian Summit Global Synthesis Report

United Nations 2015


 Restoring Humanity, Global Voices Calling For Action

 Synthesis of the Consultation Process for the World Humanitarian Summit


Humanitarian action has never reached so many people in so many places. Around the world, humanitarian actors are doing extraordinary work to save lives and protect people in the time of their greatest need.


However, the humanitarian system is under strain. The generous funding provided by donors cannot keep pace with growing needs. Many of the crises lack political solu­tions. Protracted conflict, insecurity and displacement are the new normal. In addition, global trends such as climate change, urbanization, economic inequality, food insecuri­ty and resource scarcity are increasing people’s vulnerability. As the scale and cost of meeting humanitarian needs is increasingly overwhelming our capacity to respond, we need to take decisive, collective action now.

In calling for the World Humanitarian Summit, the Secretary-General asked that the search for solutions be based on and informed by the experience of all relevant stake­holders, including people affected by crisis and those serving their needs. Over the past two years, a worldwide consultation process took place to gather the views of affected people, governments, civil society, humanitarian organizations, the private sector and other partners. The results are now presented in this Synthesis Report.


The Synthesis Report captures the thousands of conversations and submissions, pro­viding a “ground truthing” to the emerging recommendations. The emerging action ar­eas and proposals will be discussed at the Global Consultation this October in Geneva, which will be a pivotal moment for stakeholders to rally around the major changes that are needed to ensure that the Summit delivers solutions for the millions of people affected by crises and disasters.

As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, we are reminded of our collective commitment, enshrined in its Charter, to save future generations from the scourge of war, to reaffirm the dignity of the human person, and to cooperate to ad­dress humanitarian challenges. The Summit is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to re-inspire and reignite our common humanity; and to enact an agenda for progress to save lives, prevent and alleviate suffering, protect our fellow women and men, and enable human dignity for all people who are affected by natural disasters and conflicts.