The Future is Inclusive.


The Future is Inclusive

How to Make International Development Disability-Inclusive

CBM Series on Disability-Inclusive Development

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Why disability-inclusive development is important

One billion of the world’s population – one out of every seven people on the planet – are women, men, girls and boys with disabilities. According to the UN at least 80% of that billion live in low-income countries, where they make up a disproportionate percentage of the poorest sections of the com-munity, making them an important group for development actors.

As this publication goes to print, disability- inclusive development is now gaining momentum in global mainstream narratives for sustainable development. Persons with disabilities are now recognised as an important population group to include in global measures to tackle poverty and inequality. Outcome documents central to the post-2015 development framework are increasingly making more and more references to per-sons with disabilities. This is a positive step as it means disability is gaining more visibility as a development theme and this brings both positive opportunities and challenges for development actors.

Why CBM is offering this publication now

CBM, an international Christian development organisation, is on its own journey towards disability-inclusive development. Committed to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities in the poorest communities of the world, CBM has moved from charitable beginnings over 100 years ago to become a significant force in the move towards disability-inclusive development globally.

In this publication, the first in a series on disability-inclusive development we have committed to write over the coming years, we offer our experience to others as part of a dialogue on key issues in disability-inclusive development. We show how CBM has endeavoured to implement disability-inclusive development, and what has been learned along the way. We hope that it inspires others to action and leads to the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in all development work.