The 8 steps +

In The 8 Steps + , World Vision explores the role of community development organizations in supporting appropriate wheelchair service.  The 8 Steps + is based on research into three models of wheelchair programming implemented across the World Vision partnership and draws conclusions from over 60 interviews and focus group discussions to outline the best practices in supporting WHO-compliant wheelchair services.  Major findings include that it is not appropriate for untrained community development organizations to conduct wheelchair distribution, but there is a role for these organizations to play through linking with local service providers who have appropriate WHO training. Community development organizations should also leverage local relationships for the best outcomes for people with mobility limitations. This new program model is based on integrating the World Health Organization’s 8 Steps of wheelchair service with 4 key pillars of community support: education, facilitation, collaboration, and advocacy. In this way, the 8 Steps + model goes beyond providing mobility, to ensure an enabling environment that fosters disability inclusion.

This report can be downloaded from the World Vision website.