Smash Down Barriers Video

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To commemorate the International Day of People with Disabilities, our partners under the Australian Government funded Pacific Sports Partnerships (PSP) program, Table Tennis Australia released a short film on Saturday December 3 which tells the remarkable, emotional and inspirational story of Kope Taberanibou. Table Tennis Australia and Oceania Table Tennis Federation partners with the Fiji Table Tennis Association to deliver the Smash Down Barriers program in Fiji.

Kope Taberanibou acquired his disability while protecting his family from Cyclone Tomas. Life as he knew it, was over. Kope was depressed and scared of becoming a burden to his family, so he left his home. 2 years ago he found table tennis and the ...Smash Down Barriers program. This was the beginning of a new life. Since then Kope’s won gold medals, he’s become a table tennis coach and an inspiration to his family and friends.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could share the links below with your networks and help promote the video and the program. Please note that there are 2 videos - the video on YouTube is the full 11-min story while the video on the Smash Down Barriers Facebook Page is a 3.30-min version.





Thank you for your help and I hope you enjoy the videos (I strongly recommend the full version on YouTube).


Ben Howard

Program Manager – Pacific Sports Partnerships