Short set of questions on disability

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CDC Washinton group short set of questions on disability

Disability as an umbrella term refers to problems, such as impairment, activity limitation or participation restrictions that indicate the negative aspects of functioning. While it is important to collect information on all aspects of the disablement process, it is not possible to do so in censuses or surveys not dedicated to disability. However, important information on selected aspects of disability can be obtained from censuses.

The proposed questions identify the population with functional limitations that have the potential to limit independent participation in society. The intended use of this data would compare levels of participation in employment, education, or family life for those with disability versus those without disability to see if persons with disability have achieved social inclusion. In addition the data could be used to monitor prevalence trends for persons with limitations in the particular basic activity domains. It would not represent the total population with limitations nor would it necessarily represent the 'true' population with disability which would require measuring limitation in all domains and which would require a much more extensive set of questions.