Research for Inclusive Education in International Cooperation.

Research for Inclusive Education in International Cooperation.
Feb 2015

The Education for All (EFA) – Fast Track Initiative (FTI) (now: Global Partnership for Education GPE) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) 2 and 3 call for free, compulsory, and quality elementary education for all children and young people. However, according to the last UNESCO

World Education Report (2013/14), 57 million children and young people worldwide still do not go to school, and some 774 million adults cannot read or write. The international community unanimously stated that inclusive education is a key strategy for bringing education to everyone (UNESCO, 1994,

2009). In a global context, inclusion in education is seen as a process that looks at the different educational needs of children, young people and adults. Successful inclusive education ensures joint and participatory learning by all population groups within an integrated educational system, and at the same time takes into account disadvantaged groups which are either still excluded from education or are not supported to the necessary extent in the existing system. Seen from the perspective of inclusion, this means that it is not the child that poses the problem, but the educational system that must adapt to all individuals.

This project aims to advance our understanding of developing inclusive educational systems in developing countries in order to improve inclusive policy and practice in technical cooperation. The combination of academic research and development cooperation practice in applied research has the potential to generate evidence-based knowledge on the successes and failures of inclusive-education implementation. Consequently, the scientific findings can be used to recommend direct action and measures.

This project is designed as an applied research study. The aim is to show whether, where and how things can be changed to increase the probability of successful implementation of inclusive education in Malawi and Guatemala.