Pathways to Inclusive Development GIZ 2014

Pathways to inclusive development: How to make disability inclusive practice measurable?
Discussion Paper on Social Protection GIZ 2014

Since the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) entered into force in 2008, several governments, international donors, and implementing agencies have developed policies and made broad commitments pursuing a common objective: Disability Inclusive Development.

In order to bridge the gap between policies and practice and meet its objectives, measuring disability inclusive practices becomes highly relevant and a pre-condition in order to guarantee the right to social protection for all. However, a grave dearth of measurement approaches and instruments able to support the design, implementation and evaluation of disability inclusive activities mark a severe challenge in those regards. Given diverse definitions, measuring ‘only’ disability already remains a demanding task. The rather complex concept of inclusion adds a further unclearly defined determinant. This paper aims to contrast existing approaches and potential measurement requirements of disability inclusive development and suggests a further perspective to the current debate.