Nigerian Senator Passionately Advocates for Disability Rights

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Nigerian Senator Passionately Advocates for Disability Rights

Nigerian Senator Nurudeen Abatemi-Usman recently submitted a detailed plea to secure equal rights for persons with disabilities in Nigeria. The Western African nation is the 32nd largest country in the world and has 36 states with a total population of more than 162 million. Abatemi-Usman emphasized that while roughly 19 million people in Nigeria who have some form of disability are treated with respect, these individuals deserve comprehensive legislation safeguarding their place in Nigerian society.

In proposing a solution, the Senator provided details of a bill he is sponsoring that addresses issues of poverty, unemployment, education of children and young people with disabilities, access to security and assistive devices, as well as access to housing and public health services. Abatemi-Usman explained how legislation is the first step in giving persons with disabilities the opportunity to reaffirm a commitment to the Nigerian government and citizens. In his plea for equal rights for persons with disabilities, the Senator also highlighted Esther Oyema, the Nigerian female weightlifter who took home a gold medal at the recent Paralympic Games in London.

Full Story: Making a Case for Nigerians Living with Disabilities, SPYGhana, Feb. 7, 2013, available at

Source: The Disability Law & Policy e-Newsletter, Vol 10, No. 2