Models of Disability: Implications for Disability Policy and Programs

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Dr Tom Shakespeare's primary research interests are in disability studies, medical sociology, and in social and ethical aspects of genetics. He has had a long involvement with the disabled people’s movement in UK and internationally. Tom has also been active in arts and culture, and was a member of Arts Council England from 2003-2008.  While at Newcastle University he developed an interest in science communication and public engagement, and helped develop the café scientifique movement in UK and across the world, as well as promoting sci-art projects.  During his five years at the WHO, he helped produce and launch key reports such as the World Report on Disability (WHO 2011) and International Perspectives on Spinal Cord Injury (WHO 2013), and was responsible for the UN statement on forced, coerced and otherwise involuntary sterilization (WHO 2014).  This grew his interest in disability and international development.

Following are links to an audio recording and transcript of Dr Shakespeare’s public lecture co-hosted by the Melbourne Social Equity Institute and the Nossal Institute for Global Health.

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