Making it Work database of good practice case studies on DID

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The Making it Work database is a resource of case studies of good practices for disability inclusive development. It can be found at  It is a great resource for both  your own work and to direct partners to.


It has a very user-friendly database, searchable by region, keyword, country or CRPD article with a range of good practice examples, each set out to clearly and succinctly communicate the project or practices undertaken, impact, good practices, difficulties and sources of further info where available. It has case studies from a range of mainly African, Asian and European countries, nothing from the Pacific unfortunately. Each case study is titled as a question, e.g. “How to improve rehabilitation services for people with disabilities?” or “How to include young deaf students in secondary education?”


It also outlines the Making it Work methodology, which is  “a methodology for documenting and promoting good practices in line with the principles of the CRPD ... based on identifying effective or innovative activities that have achieved positive changes ... and analysing how they could be sustained or replicated.”