DFID Gender manual 2002

DFID Gender manual

A Practical Guide for Development Policy Makers and Practitioners
April 2002

This gender manual is designed to help non-gender specialists in recognising and addressing gender issues in their work. The intention is to demystify gender, make the concept and practice of gender “mainstreaming” accessible to a wide audience, and clarify when to call in specialist help. Whilst designed for DFID staff and partner organisations, the manual should provide useful information and guidance for staff from any government or civil society organisation striving to recognise and address gender issues in their work. The manual is intended to be enabling rather than prescriptive. It focuses on the processes of gender mainstreaming which are similar in all sectoral and regional contexts, and also similar, in some instances, to other processes of social development and organisational change. The manual arises from (and is intended to complement) the DFID GEM website. This was developed by a team of more than twenty experienced gender consultants in consultation with sector advisory staff and provides detailed and practical sector-specific information, case studies and references.