Count Me In: partnering with the arts to get the message out about inclusive WASH

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Count Me In: partnering with the arts to get the message out about inclusive WASH

Analysis Team (Image: WaterAid)

When WaterAid began work in Cambodia in 2014, the Royal Government of Cambodia requested technical support on how to make WASH services accessible to everyone.

Over the next year, they invested considerable resources, working with the Ministry of Rural Development to create ‘National Guidelines on Inclusive WASH for People with a Disability and Older People’. The guidelines are an excellent document, with tools and tips that programme implementers can use to make their WASH programmes inclusive of and accessible to everyone in a community.

While they were preparing these guidelines, they came to learn how many other inclusivity guidelines exist, and how infrequently these were used. They also noticed that many people don’t like to read long documents. So they decided to come up with creative ways to raise awareness of inclusive WASH and promote the key messages from the guidelines.

Together with a group of five young artists, they came up with the idea of developing a live performance and a series of short films for practitioners to watch on their smartphones.

These include 4 animated 'how to' videos: 

Count Me In: How to videosIncluding How to do and accessibility and safety audit; How to do a barrier analysis; How to identify people with a disability; and How to partner with a DPO.

 Assessing Toilet (Image; WaterAid)

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