Connect November 2013 Enhancing the lives of People with Disabilities

Connect November 2013

Enhancing the lives of People with Disabilities

Australian Volunteers for International Development

The Australian Volunteer program supports people with a disability to volunteer overseas. Austraining??? supports Australians with a disability throughout the volunteer journey, from providing Auslan interpreters at information sessions, to making modifications to a volunteer’s workplace - to list just a few examples.??

Recently Austraining established an Inclusiveness Taskforce, as they started to examine and consolidate their own social inclusive policies and practices – both for the organisation as well as for the programs they

manage. Specific actions are starting to

manifest and you may observe some of these as you read Connect ???????????

magazine. Ensuring font

size, colour and layout is disability and age friendly are small changes but ones which demonstrate our learning and understanding

that being inclusive applies to all that we do.



Austraining continues to be grateful for the support of a wide range of Australian Partner Organisations who support volunteers on assignment, including those volunteers working

in the disability sector. In June Austraining held

an inaugural workshop with select Australian Partner Organisations as well as returned volunteers to discuss further strategies and actions which will help them ensure that their management of the AVID program is disability inclusive for Australians undertaking volunteer

assignments. Austraining is delighted with

the quality of advice and information that was

shared by all who attended.  

They look forward t

o further action and strengthening of their i

nclusiveness activities as the year progresses.