Call to action final 130315 ALP parliamentarians

Australia has positioned itself as a global leader in including people with disability within its aid program

 We have received international acclaim for AusAID’s Development for All: Towards a disability-inclusive Australian aid program 2009-2014 strategy. The 2012 Mid-Term Review[1] of this strategy made strong recommendations for Australia to continue its global leadership in disability-inclusive development.

 While we have made progress in improving the quality of life of many people with disabilities in developing countries; there is still much to do. People with disabilities continue to be routinely excluded from economic, education, health and social opportunities, and make up over one in five of the world’s poorest people.[2]

 Given this high prevalence of disability in developing countries, failure to actively include people with disability jeopardises the effectiveness of development work 

Picture of women sitting cross legged weaving straw & looking happy. This woman with vision impairment received vocational training through an AusAID funded project. Photo: Showkat Akber, BPKS/Caritas/AUSAid


Prioritising and adequately resourcing disability-inclusive practices is therefore essential to ensuring Australia’s aid program is effective in reaching the poorest of the poor.

 We are calling upon our politicians to ensure that Australia continues its global leadership in strengthening the effectiveness of Australia’s aid program through disability-inclusive development.

 This call to action outlines key opportunities to do so on both national and individual levels.