Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) Research Project

Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP)

Research Project

An analysis of ANCP partner organisations’ engagement on disability inclusion and recommendations for future progress.

  Final Report: November 2014, Inclusive Development Department, CBM Australia

Australian development NGOs are key implementers of aid and development programs, operating in a variety of sectors and regions, and focusing on a range of international development issues. Disability inclusive development has become an explicit focus within the Australian aid program particularly since the launch of Australia’s first disability inclusive development strategy Development for All in 2008, and remains a key development priority for the Australian Government.

Networks for sharing experiences and disseminating good practice have been developed, including the Australian Disability and Development Consortium, and the (October 2010) ACFID Code of Conduct requires Australian Development NGOs to be disability inclusive.

In 2013, the ANCP Partner Agency Collaboration (APAC) members engaged CBM Australia carry out a series of activities supporting ANCP Partner NGOs in Australia to reflect and learn from their own and each others' engagement on disability inclusive development.

The focus of these activities was to broadly examine organisational engagement in disability inclusive development (DID) – encompassing programming and other areas such as corporate and communications. Agencies had the opportunity to reflect on, assess and document their journey on disability inclusion, and present their perspectives and experiences on key issues, questions and gaps that need to be addressed to enable strengthening of disability inclusion.

Key Findings

Participants identified that disability inclusion is not just a development programming issue, but is relevant to all elements of an organisation’s operations and culture – including its corporate and human resources (HR) functions, governance, communications, advocacy and fundraising. Disability inclusion should be a part of everyday work for all staff and ensures that people with disabilities participate at all levels of an organisation as well as being beneficiaries of development programs.