AusAID Development for All 2009-2014

AusAID Development for All
Towards a disability-inclusive Australian aid program 2009–2014

Development for All: Towards a Disability-Inclusive Australian Aid Program 2009–2014 sets out practical approaches to guide the Australian aid program in meeting the needs and priorities of people with disability, who are often among the poorest, most vulnerable and excluded members of developing countries.

Disability and impairment in Asia and the Pacific are expected to increase over the coming decades as a result of population growth, ageing, lifestyle diseases (for example, diabetes), conflict, malnutrition, traffic accidents, injuries, HIV, and medical advances that preserve and prolong life.

The Development for All strategy was developed through comprehensive consultations with stakeholders in disability and development from across the Pacific, Asia and Australia, with a focus on people with disability and their representative organisations, families and carers. The consultations revealed significant levels of existing activity in disability and development in the region and encouraging progress. However a lack of coordination and quality data, large gaps in service provision, high levels of stigma and a lack of understanding of the ‘lived realities’ facing people with disability are striking. The strategy’s primary outcome is to support people with disability to improve the quality of their lives by promoting and improving access to the same opportunities for participation, contribution, decision making, and social and economic well-being as others. The initial activities outlined in the strategy reflect the priorities identified through the consultations. They include:

  • comprehensive support for partner governments’ efforts towards disabilityinclusive development (implemented in two countries initially) 
  • a focus on promoting and facilitating better access to education and to infrastructure for people with disability across the aid program 
  • capacity development of Disabled Peoples’ Organisations (DPOs)