ADDC Bulletin September 19th 2013

ADDC Bulletin September 19th, 2013

Welcome to the September 19th, 2013 ADDC’s Bulletin. 
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Farewell from Lyn Bridge: 

Major government shakeup includes AusAID move 
What the Australian aid cuts mean for the Pacific... and Kiwis 
Disability inclusion and the landmine legacy 
High-level meeting on disability and development 
Indigenous persons with disabilities often experience multiple discrimination 
Nauru Disabled Persons Association gets donation contributions from Government 
UNWTO Approves accessible recommendation 
Call for recognition of disability as Pacific development issue 
Barriers Everywhere:  Accessibility for People with Disabilities in Russia 
Four UPSC candidates with vision disabilities continue to battle for justice in India 
Lifestyle magazine in Braille for people with vision disabilities 
UN expert urges greater social inclusion of persons with disabilities 
Nigeria holds workshop on sign language 
Commission call for explanation of progress for New Zealanders with learning, intellectual disabilities 
Papua New Guinea to attend event on rights of persons with disabilities 
Countries must increase commitment to rights of persons with disabilities: UN chief 
Ravenshaw University plans to set up Centre for Disability Studies 
Free online course in Web Accessibility 
Ministry to Empower 100 Women in FCT 
Meeting the Challenge of the Rights-based Approach to Disability: The Changing Role of Disability-Specific NGOs and DPOs 

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‘Let’s end fistula – a Kenyan story’ 
Sport Matters Inaugural Conference 
20th International AIDS 2014 Conference in Melbourne, Australia, July 2014 
Human Rights and Comparative Disability Law Course offered at LaTrobe Uni 
Webinar: HIV & Disability - Ensuring Access 
The Damage Done: Inequality, Poverty and Vulnerability 

Call for Papers – ends September 

EENET Pasifika - A new network has been launched in the Pacific to encourage the sharing of ideas on inclusive education 
Commentary on disability and nutrition 

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