ADDC Bulletin October 3rd 2013

Welcome to the ADDC Bulletin 3rd October 2013

World leaders renew commitment to anti- poverty targets, agree to adopt new development goals at 2015 Summit    
$2.5 billion mobilized in new commitments to achieve global anti-poverty goals    
During UN week, a voice for children with disabilities is heard in corridors of power    
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights calls for Post-2015 development agenda to be inclusive of the rights of persons with disabilities    
Caribbean community pledges to protect rights of persons with disabilities    
New report Makes Education a Priority in the Post-2015 Development Agenda    
The human Rights on Education Council for Adult Education (ICAE) event    
UN report highlights ICT’s potential to foster inclusion of persons with disabilities    
Source: Gaates Accessibility news    
UN-NGLS launches Advancing Regional Recommendations Post-2015 Consultation Report    
United Nations High-Level Meeting on Disability and Development    
Stevie Wonder and Crystal Advocate for International Disabilities Treaty    
Governments to agree increased focus on people with disabilities in development strategies    
CRPD New Ratifications: Zimbabwe;    Papua New Guinea and Kiribati    
Papua New Guinea ratifies CRPD    
PNG agrees with rights for disability    
Venezuela signs UN CRPD    
Palau supports Legislative Process for Rights of Persons with Disabilities    
Disability inclusiveness is necessary: FDPF    
People with disabilities: A power for change not a burden    
INFO: CRPD Committee's views on individual communication Zsolt Bujdosó and five others v Hungary    

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UN World Summit on Sustainable Development 19 - 22 November 2013 London UK    
Handicap International: Regional Technical Unit Coordinator    
Handicap International: Social Inclusion & Rights Coordinator    
Human Rights Watch: Deputy Executive Director for Advocacy    
Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation International Fellowship in cooperation with UNICEF Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office    
Seeking scholars working on disability and education in Asian or Middle Eastern institutions for upcoming edited book    

Disabled People and the Post-2015 Development Goal Agenda through a Disability Studies Lens    
Resources on women with disabilities    
Voices of the marginalised: briefing based on ‘We can also make change’ a report