ADDC Bulletin August 7th, 2013

7 Welcome to the August 7th, 2013 ADDC’s Bulletin


Plan to protect vulnerable people in the wake of Humanitarian Crises – Federal Minister for International Development Melissa Parke 
People with disability a priority for new Australian Minister for International Development 
UN helps anti-violence campaign 
GPDD - Violence against women and girls with disabilities in Haiti 
People living with disability in PNG want to be part of the 2015 Pacific games 
Disability in New Zealand - what does it look like? 
SPC enhances knowledge of Tonga stakeholders on the rights of people with disability 
Loan scheme for students with disabilities in India 
International conference on disaster risk reduction in Japan 
Commission wants accessible polling booths for voters with disabilities 
Persons with disabilities struggle to reach public places in Vietnam 
New Deputy Health & Disability Commissioner 
Commission advocates inclusive education in Philippines 
Discrimination against persons with disabilities continues 
Australian Government to Appoint Ambassador for Disability Inclusive Development 
World Bank: 'Go local' on land governance in Africa 
Zambia: Disability and HIV/Aids 
Kenya-Tanzania: Trafficking children with disabilities and the economy of misery 
Talking to youth in Timor-Leste 
A Basketball first in the Solomon Islands 
Children with a disability are treated more harshly in developing world 
Disability is not inability – refugee turns entrepreneur hours after fleeing 
Valuable look at disability 
Devising technique to help kids with learning disability 
UNESCO/Emir Jaber al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah Prize to Promote Quality Education for Persons with Disability 
Why post-2015 indicators can help people with disability 

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SAVE THE DATE: ADDC Practitioner Interest Forum - Disability Inclusion in Conflict, Disaster and Recovery –Tuesday 17th Sept 
NDS National Employment Forum & Workability International Conference 2013 
Australasian Aid and International Development Policy Workshop 
30th Annual Pacific Rim Conference on Disability and Diversity 2014 
Catalyst Masterclasses – professional development for dancers  with and without disability 

International Disability Alliance (IDA) Administration and Finance Manager - Geneva 
Vacancy for Senior Disability Advisor Imperial College London 
Vacancy - Deputy Head of Counselling, Disability and Wellbeing at LSE
The Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Women and Girls with Disabilities 
Disability CBR and Inclusive Development Current Issue 
Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) have a direct impact on the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 
Disability Inclusion in the Syrian Refugee Response in Lebanon 
Tracking progress on the MDGs 
Deaf Professionals Network: Interview with Philip Waters about his work at CBM Australia 
Tweet from USICD (@USICD) 
IDA_CRPD_Forum: Unicef- See the child - before the disability, urges new report. Video
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