ADDC Bulletin 24 October 2013

ADDC Bulletin  24 October 2013
Vale Lesley Hall 27 Nov 1954 – 19 Oct 2013    
AusAID staffing: how low could it go?    
AusAID into DFAT: opportunity not threat    
WHO, partners release new guidance on disability and emergency risk management    
UN survey shows needs of persons with disabilities largely ignored during disasters    
People with Disability prepare for campaign about public needs    
Tongan's poor eye sight 'economic burden for next generation'    
Please take everyone into account    
International Day of the Girl:  Focus on Education – Missing Stories in the Blogs    
First Sign – Speech in Samoa    
PM’s spouse leads delegation to Disability Society    
ECHO, 6 other partners call on government to practice inclusive disaster risk reduction practices    
Children with disabilities and disasters in Solomon Islands   
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Plan International launch film featuring children with disability    
New book: 'Searching for Dignity: Conversations on human dignity, theology and disability'