ADDC Bulletin 15th April, 2013

Welcome to the April 15th 2013 ADDC’s Bulletin 


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CRPD ratifications reach 130 
Commission on the Status of Women 
Committee on the rights of Persons with Disabilities Meeting 
Pacific Youth with Disabilities Urged to Advocate 2015 Development Agenda 
Women with Disabilities need to be included in the 2015 Development Agenda 
Senator Bob Carr at Australian Awards Alumni 
The future we want for Asia-Pacific 
Shin Daimyo on Innovating for Global Mental Health 
Why Focus on Babies? 
People with disabilities need to be included in decisions about accessibility 
Making a case for Nigerians living with disabilities 
Ghanaian with disabilities to sue government institutions 
New smartphone app for people with autism launched in Thailand 

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Reframing the youth bulge: From problem to solution 
Final Call for Papers: Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation 
2013 ODN Biennial Conference: Addressing Inequality and Promoting Inclusive and Sustainable Development 
Sustainable development through global action: The case for investing in mental health 
Call for conference abstracts - "Sustainable development through global action: The case for investing in mental health" 
Advances in Global Mental Health Research and Research Capacity Building Workshop 

CBM Australia- Senior Advisor – Program Quality 
Seeking Review Board Members for Review of Disability Studies 
BLENNZ principalship - Auckland 

World Report in International Sign Language 
Violence and Abuse towards Persons with Disabilities: International Workshop Report 
Australia has positioned itself as a global leader in including people with disability within its aid program. 
Advocacy for All: A quick guide to including disability in development policy 
A vision document on women with disabilities in India 
IDA´s Human Rights Publication Series