ADB Disability Brief 2005

ADB Disability Brief 2005:
Identifying and Addressing the Needs of Disabled People

To assist the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and its developing member countries (DMCs) in incorporating disability issues in poverty reduction strategies and programs, a regional technical assistance was
cofinanced by the Government of Finland. The purpose of this project was to promote understanding of and build capacity to address the needs of people with disabilities in ADB operations and in the DMCs. The technical assistance involved a series of participatory local and national workshops leading to the preparation of four country studies—in Cambodia, India, Philippines, and Sri Lanka. Reports of the country studies were presented at a regional conference on disability and development held at ADB in October 2002.
The Disability Brief is an introduction to disability issues in development for operational staff and their government counterparts. The brief provides a background on disability and tools for addressing the
needs of disabled people, including disability checklists, suggestions for addressing disability in development activities, resources to access knowledge on disability, implementation strategies, and case studies.