Access to Justice for PWDs

Access to Justice for People with Disabilities in the Traditional Courts in South Africa

This is a training course on disability and access to justice for people with disabilities. It has been designed for traditional leaders who play a role in the traditional courts and have knowledge and experience of administering justice in their communities. The purpose of this manual and the training course is to help these leaders become more familiar with the situation of people with disabilities and with some of the legal and constitutional provisions concerning people with disabilities accessing justice.



This manual together with the training that goes with it will help leaders to be able to administer justice fairly and equitably when people with disabilities are involved. The manual and training should also facilitate people with disabilities bringing cases to the traditional courts and their leaders will have knowledge of when to refer cases to the Equality Courts. As a group of people that are frequently marginalised in our communities, people with disabilities will benefit from the support of traditional leaders, particularly when they are seeking justice through the traditional courts.