20120417 Travelling together

20120417 Travelling together  World Vision

How to include disabled people on the main road of development.

Only two per cent of disabled people in developing countries have access to basic services and rehabilitation

By picking up and using this book, you can start a process of transformation within your work – to bring about positive change for disabled people in the communities you work with.

There are three key sections:  

Activities and handouts – first of all, you’ll find a whole host of fun and thought provoking training activities.
For each activity there is an explanation, outline and – where referred to – handout.

Stories from the road – second, we’ll tell you the story behind the course, offering you and your team further insights into how and why this course was designed, and its impact so far.
Resources – third, you’ll discover a wide range of resource materials to take you and your team deeper into the issues raised.