20111201 Schooling for female students with disabilities in Bangladesh

20111201 Challenges to Regular Schooling of Female Students with Disabilities in Bangladesh: A Case Study

Inclusive education is a worldwide reform strategy intended to ensure access and equity for all students in the mainstream schools. Adapting educational policies for students with disabilities could be one such reform in the contemporary pedagogies. Being a signatory country of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Bangladesh is committed to facilitate learning-friendly educational environment for students with disabilities. However, due to the unfavorable attitudes of various stakeholders, students with disabilities encounter numerous challenges to their education. Women with disabilities are considered as the most vulnerable group whose sufferings are inexplicable in Bangladesh. Based on a specific case, this paper attempts to analyze the rights of students with disabilities in education and the attitudes of the school authority. In addition, with regards to the relevant policies, the paper describes how the national and international legislations, laws, and literature are reflective of the case as an interpretation.