20111017 End Exclusion Press Release


Monday 17th October 2011, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


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Light for the World Press Release on the World Day for the Eradication of Poverty, 17.10.2011






End Poverty = Start Inclusion! New European Awareness Raising project

Meet Levy, 14 years old, from the village of Kegulu in South Sudan. Back in 2004, he was playing football with his friends when a landmine exploded and he lost his leg. Thanks to the support of his mum, his 3 brothers and sisters and his community, today he goes to school, works hard on his favourite subjects, Maths and English, and is amongst the best of his class. He still plays football with his crutches during break times.

One billion people worldwide live with some form of disability. Having the chance to attend school, Levy is one of the lucky ones. In developing countries people with disabilities represent 18% of the population, and disability often rhymes with greater poverty, discrimination and reduced access to education, employment and healthcare. On World Poverty Day especially, it’s important to remember the increased vulnerability of people with disabilities in the face of poverty and the daily challenges they face to participate fully in society. All over the world, the biggest obstacles to inclusion are the attitudes of other people and a system that excludes.

World Poverty Day 2011 sees the launch of the "END EXCLUSION – Let’s Enable the MDGs" project that sets out to change our attitudes towards disability, and make the word rhyme with capability, opportunity and positivity. It gives young people the chance to be in the driving seat of change. By participating in the campaign they can stand up for justice and inclusion through activities such as film competitions, sport tournaments and music events. The project also helps professionals from various backgrounds (politicians, development workers, journalists, teachers, youth leaders, etc.) understand more about the issue of disability and development and stay abreast of changes in the field. Whatever your age, occupation or country, you can voice the message that the inclusion of people with disabilities is crucial for the just and effective eradication of poverty.

"END EXCLUSION- Let’s Enable the MDGs" is a three year project funded by the European Union (716.247,00 EUR), with activities taking place in Austria, Czech Republic, the

Netherlands and Slovakia. It is led by Licht für die Welt (Austria) in partnership with Light for the World Netherlands, The Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (Netherlands), SVETLO PRO SVET (Czech Republic), and eRko (Slovakia).

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Pictures to download:

Picture 1: Levy doing his homework

Picture 2: Levy sitting with friends in front of his school

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