20110830 Mainstreaming Disability into the MDG targets

Mainstreaming Disability into the MDG targets

At least one in five of the world’s poorest people are disabled but there is as yet no widespread acceptance or push to ensure that 20% of the poorest recipients of aid programmes are disabled.
Disabled people are so severely excluded from all areas of society that there is very little information or comparative data on the effects of disability on individual, family and community well being and almost no assessment of the economic implications of disability.
But there is a very strong link between disability and poverty which implies that there is not one of the internationally agreed Millennium Development Goal targets that can actually be met without now considering how to include disabled people.
But inclusion, or mainstreaming of disability into development programming is proving to be an enormous challenge. This paper sets out to highlight some of the main reasons why this may be the case and offer some recommendations for how to overcome them.