20110817 CCBRT Survey of Election Tanzania

In October 2010, CCBRT conducted a survey to assess the level of

participation of people with disabilities in Tanzania’s general election

which was held on 31st October 2010. The survey was carried out in

three districts in Dar es Salaam region: Temeke, Ilala and Kinondoni.

100 people with disabilities were involved with four types of disabilities

represented. These were: physical impairment, visual impairment,

hearing impairment and albinism. All respondents were registered

as voters and voted at polling stations that were located in various

constituencies within Dar es Salaam.

The survey was mainly motivated by inadequate participation of people

with disabilities in previous elections which has resulted in their low

representation in various decision and policy making bodies. Prior to

the election, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) had promised to

address some of the challenges encountered by people with disabilities

that limit their effective participation in election processes. The objective

of the survey was therefore to assess and determine the participation of

people with disabilities in the 2010 election process and to determine the

extent to which NEC’s promises were successfully implemented. It also

sought to determine different methods used by people with disabilities to

access information on elections.