20110804 DiD_Report Health Guide for Women with Disabilities and Children who are Blind

DiD Report Health Guide for Women with Disabilities and Children who are Blind

1. Project Summary

The Disability and Information Development (DiD) Working Group recognizes the overwhelming need for appropriate information and printed material concerning health gender, and disability issues in Cambodia, and for all stakeholders to have access to this information. In 2005 DiD received a cross-country collaboration with start-up grant, permission to translate, and Illustration from the Hesperian Foundation,

1 DiD has translated a draft-ready-to-publish version from English into Khmer language. DiD thenhas been secured funding from UNESCO Office in Cambodia. DiD has published 1000 copies of the book „Helping Children Who Are Deaf,? organized the book launching event, and distributed this book to all key players in the disability sector.


Since then DiD has built a wonderful relationship with the Hesperian Foundation, we continued to collaborate and translated two more books from 2006 to 2011 with similar support from the Hesperian Foundation. These books are "Health Guide for Women with Disabilities? and „Helping Children Who Are Blind."

The goal of this project is the provision of, and the access to, sound and field tested information in a high quality format presented in Khmer language to; blind children as well as girls/women with disabilities and their families, health workers, medical professionals, educators, the disability sector and to the Cambodian community as a whole. In addition, it is to promote greater understanding and knowledge of health issues for girls/women with disabilities with a practical approach to problem solving and prevention as well as a greater understanding of blindness issue for both boys and girls.

In order to responsibly develop the Khmer edition, DiD have assembled a formidable group of non-governmental agencies working in Cambodia. Representatives from government Ministries were also included which formed a special working group committed to the task of translation review and development of these publications. The working group is also committed to the task of implementing this material as part of their project(s), using it as reference material, a basis for curriculums and used by staff in the field. Distribution to girls/women with disabilities themselves as well as family members and the broader community is an equally high priority. This approach also includes the book on helping children who are blind, their families, educators, and their communities.

DiD Working Group and its members have made excellent progress in the development of these publications. By late 2010, ready-to-publish versions of these books were made available, and some sample copies were distributed to the working group members in Cambodia. Once completed these unique publications will be distributed and made available to persons and entities requiring thorough information and methods for addressing issues and assisting girls/women with disabilities as well as blind children. These publications are seen as a tool that will serve the community favorably for many years to come.