20110325 Combatting Poverty among the disabled in the ESCWA Region

20110325 Combatting Poverty in the ESCWA Region

Follow-up on priority issues in the field of social development in the ESCWA (Economic and
Social Commission for Western Asia) region: 
Proposed methods to combat poverty among persons with disabilities.

The current report is prepared within the framework of the Arab Decade for Persons with
Disabilities (2004-2013) and in the context of resolution 2010/12 on Promoting Social Integration,
adopted by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in July 2010. It argues that
international experience points to a strong correlation between disability and poverty and encourages
member countries to consider exploring this relationship in their respective societies in order to
facilitate better inclusion of persons with disabilities.
The report presents a picture of the numbers of persons with disabilities in the Economic and
Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) member countries based on the most recent census data
and looks into provisions with regard to their employment and social protection. It concludes with
recommendations to (a) adjust definitions and improve statistics and monitoring; (b) raise social
awareness and ensure the participation of persons with disability in the policymaking process;
(c) ensure adequate Government attention and support; and (d) promote employment and inclusion.