20100816 Uganda-As if We Werent Human

20100816 Uganda-As if We Werent Human
Discrimination and Violence against Women with Disabilities in Northern Uganda
Human Rights Watch

Women with disabilities in northern Uganda face serious abuse and discrimination by strangers, neighbors, and family members. Women interviewed for the report were denied basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter in the camps and in their communities.
After 20 years of displacement and war, the people of northern Uganda are leaving camps set up for internally displaced people and building new lives. The challenges are daunting for all displaced people trying to return to their original homes, settle more permanently in the camps, or relocate to new villages and towns and start fresh. Yet during this period of upheaval, government plans are failing to take into account the needs of women who acquired their disabilities due to the war or who already had disabilities before the war and may have disproportionately suffered the impact of conflict.
According to available data, approximately 20 percent of Ugandans have disabilities. In northern Uganda, where the rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army have waged war on the government for over two decades, the numbers are difficult to tally but very likely even higher. There is a lack of data on the number of women with disabilities across the country.