20100101 Poverty and Disability Fact Sheet

Poverty and Disability: Some Key Facts

Disability is a cause and a consequence of poverty

• Over 600 million, or approximately 10% of the worlds population have a disability (United Nations, 2006)

• Persons with a disability comprise 20% of the worlds poorest of the poor (World Bank, 1999)

• As many as 50 per cent of disabilities are preventable and directly linked to poverty (Department for International Development UK, 2000)

• Only 2 % of persons with disabilities in poor countries have access to rehabilitation and other appropriate services (DFID, 2000)

• Persons with disabilities are often excluded from development programs (CBMI, 2005)

• Disability is directly related to achieving all the MDG's – (World Bank 2001)

People with Disabilities have limited access to health care and education, difficulty finding employment, face high levels of Discrimination and are commonly denied their Rights. This creates a vicious cycle.