20080101 National Human Rights Consultation Background Paper

20080101 National Human Rights Consultation Background Paper
Human rights are about equality and fairness for everyone. A society that commits to human rights, commits to ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. In Australia, values such as freedom, respect, fairness, justice, democracy and equality, stem from a commitment to human rights – or a ‘fair go for all’.
The National Consultation is about asking you to share your views on human rights. The Consultation will bring together a range of views from across Australia and encourage discussion about how Australia should protect human rights.

To do this, the Consultation will look at three key questions:

• which human rights (including corresponding responsibilities) should be protected and promoted?
• are these human rights currently sufficiently protected and promoted?
• how could Australia better protect and promote human rights?
The Committee will report to Government on what they hear during the Consultation – to give the Government a better understanding of what the community thinks about human rights.

In its report to Government, the Committee will set out the advantages and disadvantages, and an assessment of the level of support in the community, for the key ideas identified in the Consultation.