20070917 WaterAid Equal Access for All briefing note disability

20070917 WaterAid Equal Access for All
Water and sanitation access for people with motor disablities

Accessing enough safe water and sanitation is a struggle for many in Ethiopia. But for those with a motor disability the challenges are compounded. Crawling into an inappropriately designed, overused and dirty latrine poses additional health risks to this vulnerable group. Having to ask for assistance is humiliating.
Water and sanitation issues barely feature in the extensive international literature on disability. In Ethiopia, which could have as many as 5 million people with disabilities (PWDs), the issue has rarely been discussed. WaterAid Ethiopia aims to address this gap.
This research investigates the experiences and coping mechanisms of people with motor disabilities in accessing water and sanitation facilities in Butajira town and its surroundings, located in SNNPR. It offers suggestions for meeting their needs through improved design of water and sanitation facilities as well as through addressing social stigma in the community.