20070501 Vulnerability in humanitarian crisis NGO Voice

20070501 Vulnerability in humanitarian crisis

In the humanitarian aid sector vulnerability is a frequently occurring topic. But what in fact is meant with the concept of “vulnerability”? How are vulnerabilities, and the vulnerable, taken into consideration in humanitarian crisis? Vulnerability in crisis situations is seen to have various causes. There can be some individual condition that sets the person in a vulnerable position in his/her environment, or it can be because of
external factors that a person's situation becomes vulnerable. In any case, it is acknowledged that vulnerable peoples' needs are to be addressed with special attention also during humanitarian crisis.

This edition of VOICE OUT LOUD is focused on the question of vulnerability in humanitarian crisis. Member organisations of VOICE share their views and experiences concerning the vulnerabilities of internally displaced people, and women living in crisis settings. The specificities of mental health problematic in crisis situations, vulnerabilities caused by disabilities, and those of indigenous peoples are also discussed. This edition also offers an inside to the impact of EU crisis management policies on EU humanitarian aid, and the state of play of the planned EU Humanitarian Aid Policy Communication. In addition, there is an article about the ongoing humanitarian needs due to the on/off crisis in Afghanistan