20070227 Secondary Prevention of Disabilities in Cambodia Handicap International

20070227 Secondary Prevention of Disabilities in the Cambodian Provinces of Siem Reap and Takeo:
Perceptions of and use of the health system to address health conditions associated with disability in children

Handicap International

The disability prevalence rate in Cambodia is estimated at 4.7% of the population1, meaning that more than half a million Cambodians have a disability. Almost half of the population with a disability is under 20 years of age. This is concerning because disability early in life can have a negative impact on school attendance, quality of life and productivity for many years to come.

Although it is clear that problems during early childhood may lead to disability, The authors wanted to know what the critical historical health factors were in households with an identified child with a disability. Thus, they undertook a survey of 500 households in the provinces of Siem Reap and Takeo where there was a child with a disability. They asked questions to learn what caused the disability, how the family had used the health system, and how they perceived the services they had used.