20051001 Regional Review of the NZaid Pacific Disability program

20051001 Free and Equal: A Review of NZAID Pacific Regional Disability Programme for New Zealand Agency for  International Development

FREE AND EQUAL: The title of this report derives from a number of sources. The
first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), quoted in NZAID
Human Rights Policy Statement, asserts that “All human beings are born free and
equal in dignity and rights.” ‘Freedom’ and ‘equality’ also reflect what we have
referred to as the twin-track approach in NZAID’s current policy on disability
issues, which we have highlighted in this report: addressing inequalities between
those who have disabilities and those who do not; and supporting specific
initiatives to empower people with disabilities. This, it is argued, is more likely to
foster social inclusion, and thus eliminate poverty. Finally, we heard this cry as the
aspirations of people with disabilities in the Pacific, voiced in the consultations
undertaken for this Review. They deserve no less.