20050902 ACFID Disability & Development Promoting the Rights of People with Disabilities

ACFID Disability & Development
Working Group

Promoting the Rights of People with Disabilities

People with Disabilities comprise about 20% of the
‘poorest of the poor’

Guiding Principles
1. Sustainable development can only be achieved with the active participation of all members of the community, including people with disabilities.
2. Providing equal rights and equal access to resources and opportunities to people with disabilities is integral to the goal of reducing poverty, illiteracy and disease and is an important development goal in itself.
3. People with disabilities and their carers should have access to the services needed to give them access to the same resources and opportunities available to the rest of their community and they should participate fully in determining the services they need. In some instances, this will include support for autonomous self-organisations of people with disabilities and accepting their leadership.
4. Much disability is preventable and, in many cases, the incidence of disability can be reduced through relatively simple, low-cost interventions.
5. Goals and priorities for dealing with the rights and needs of people with disabilities will vary from country to country. They should be developed with sensitivity to the specific priorities of Australia’s aid program partners.
6. Australia’s assistance should actively contribute towards ensuring participation of people with disabilities in all development activities through, but not limited to social services, access, participation and independence.