20050701 Disability and Inclusive Development World Bank development outreach

20050701 Disability and Inclusive Development in Development Outreach magazine 

World Bank Institute 

There is a growing awareness in the development community that people with disabilities must be included
in the development equation, not only to improve their economic and social welfare, but because they
themselves can contribute to the development process. Research shows that the disabled are caught in a
vicious cycle: disabilities can cause people to fall into poverty, and the poor more often fall victim to disability.
This means that there is a disproportionately high number of disabled people among the poor, especially
in the developing countries.

In December 2004, the World Bank sponsored its second conference on Disabilities and Inclusive
Development, which focused on how to bring people with disabilities into the mainstream of economic
development, and explored the relationship between disability and poverty. To build on the momentum created by the conference, Development OUTREACH, in this special report, presents a range of articles from international organizations, governments, and NGOs, illustrating different perspectives and approaches to facing the challenges of disability, and addressing the connection between disability and poverty either explicitly or implicitly.