20050201 Disability Prevalence and KAP Study Bangladesh

20050201 Disability in Bangladesh Prevalence, Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices

Understanding disability, throughout the history, has barred persons with disabilities from normal economic, social and political activities in their families, communities, essential services and education, etc. The overall objective of the study is to promote the rights of PWDs in Bangladesh by conducting research on the
prevalence of disability, causes of disability, and situation of the PWDs in Bangladesh. As part of the study, a nation-wide survey carried out to find out the rate of prevalence of disability, causes of disability, and the social status of persons with disabilities and their families. A survey on the knowledge, attitude and practices (KAP) of the people towards the PWDs was also carried out to uncover the types of thinking, attitudes, and
behaviour that characterise a given population, in order to be able to evaluate a particular social phenomenon as a process.