20040815 International Disability Rights Monitor_Americas_2004

20040815 International Disability Rights Monitor: Regional Report of the Americas 2004

This is the second publication and the first regional report of the International Disability Rights Monitor (IDRM) project. The project represents an ongoing collaboration between the International Disability Network (IDN), Disabled Peoples International (DPI), and many other international and national
disability groups. The goals of the IDRM project are to promote the full inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities in society and to advance the use of international humanitarian law to ensure that the human rights of persons with disabilities are respected and enforced.
The impetus for the project grew from the reality that policy makers, the human rights community, treaty monitoring bodies, and global leaders have access to very little information about the extent or the nature of the challenges faced by persons with disabilities. The IDRM project addresses this gap by documenting the problems, progress and barriers experienced by people with disabilities in a coordinated, systematic and sustained way.
In 2003, the IDRM published a disability rights compendium that covered a broad range of topics. It included articles examining issues of concern to the disability community, a comparative analysis of disability law in 52 countries around the world, and the results of field trials of the IDRM methodology in El Salvador and Nicaragua. This book marks the first of a series of regional reports that document and assess the condition and treatment of people with disabilities internationally. This Regional Report of the Americas contains reports from 24 countries and a regional report card summarizing the degree to which basic protections for the rights of people with disabilities are in place.