20030925 Disability & Development – Opportunities for NGO-AusAID Collaboration

ACFOA Disability and Development Working Group

Disability & Development – Opportunities for
NGO-AusAID Collaboration

ACFOA Disability & Development Working Group
Executive Summary
Globally, the number of people with disabilities is increasing due to a combination of poverty, conflict, malnutrition, HIV/AIDS and an ageing population.  If development programs are to succeed in reducing poverty and strengthening good governance, then they need to more pro-actively involve and include people with disabilities.

This discussion paper highlights the need for development agencies to both prevent disability (50% of the causes of disabilities are believed to be preventable) and to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities in their program (only 2% of people with a disability are estimated to have access to basic services).  The long term cost to donors, states and implementing agencies of not addressing disabilities is shown to be far in excess of the short-term cost of including people with disabilities in social development programs.

The ACFOA Disabilities and Development Working Group has identified a number of opportunities in this Discussion Paper for joint ACFOA/AusAID collaboration.  These opportunities are aimed at furthering understanding and commitment to addressing the gaps in development programs that result in the exclusion of people with disabilities and as such reduce the ultimate effectiveness of development programs.