2003 Building an Inclusive Development Community

Building an Inclusive Development Community: A Manual on Including People with Disabilities
in International Development Programs
MIUSA 2003

The time has come. With over 500 million women and men with disabilities around the world, international development organizations must take proactive measures to bring people with disabilities into the development process, as policy makers, implementers and beneficiaries.

The Building an Inclusive Development Community manual is the result of a unique collaboration between disability and international development communities. The diverse content, styles and terminology found in the Manual reflect the diversity of the voices heard here: individuals with and without disabilities, professionals, leaders of disability-led organizations and international development agencies. Although this manual was designed specifically for InterAction member agencies, we hope that it will be used as a ‘practical how-to’ resource by international development organizations throughout the world.

The inclusion of people with disabilities in development is a topic that has been long-awaited by the international disability community, whose members have historically experienced marginalization from community and international development effor ts. Disability and development, however, is still a relatively new topic for international development organizations.

As editors of  Building an Inclusive Development Community Manual, our goal is to provide information, strategies, tools and resources that will assist international development organizations to promote good development practice through the inclusion of people with disabilities, especially women and girls with disabilities, at every level of the development process. Although no single book can comprehensively cover all of the cross-cutting issues related to disability and development, we believe that this Manual is a very good start.