20021001 ACFOA Disability and Development Working Group

ACFOA Disability and Development Working Group

Information Package
The Inclusion of People With Disabilities
As Participants and Beneficiaries
together with the Prevention of Disability
in Overseas Development Aid Activities

October 2002
(Work In Progress)

This information package has been prepared in its present form for ACFOA’s Development Practices Advisory Committee and Executive Committee.

The ACFOA Disability and Development Working Group is concerned that NGOs are not given the impression that the consideration of ‘disability issues’ in development activities is a difficult, time-consuming and unnecessary addition to their workload, especially if their projects are not usually targeted at people with disabilities.  This package therefore seeks to highlight the relevance of the plight of people with disabilities for all development activities, and in particular the attainment of human rights and poverty alleviation, as people with disabilities comprise about 20% of the “poorest of the poor”.

The guiding Principles Questionnaire (Section 5) and Step by Step Guide (Section 6) are intended as a framework and could be used as a guide for NGOs to integrate the concerns of people with disabilities in their development programs/projects.

David Lewis, CBMI
Coordinator of the ACFOA Disability and Development Working Group