20020901 water sanitation and use by physically disabled people 2002

20020901 Water supply and sanitation access and use by physically disabled people
A literature review

H Jones, K J Parker and R Reed
September 2002 
This research project is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) as part of its Engineering Knowledge
and Research (EngKAR) Programme. The purpose is to improve the knowledge and use of affordable aids, methodologies and structures
by organisations and individuals that assist physically disabled people and their families living in low-income communities, to maximise
their access to and use of the domestic water cycle.
The literature review is part of Phase one - the preparatory phase of the research. The aim is to gain an overview of available information and
current practice in low-income communities, about accessibility of domestic water and sanitation facilities for physically disabled people, in
order to identify:
• Topics already covered (documented and being addressed), which the project does not need to repeat.
• Information that could contribute to the research.
• Apparent gaps in information where further enquiry is needed.

Both published and unpublished literature have been reviewed, including personal communications from informants in low-income communities:
NGOs, DPOs and professionals in health, engineering and development.