19990319 An Introduction to Advocacy-training guide

19990319 An Introduction to Advocacy-training guide

Over the past few years, the SARA Project has worked with several African institutions and partners to generate research findings and present information to decision makers in appropriate forms. Recognizing that this has not been enough to change policies and programs, a SARA study, Knowledge Utilization and the Process of Policy Formation, reviewed the process of policy change, and identified the three activities that converge to produce changes in policies and programs: identifying problems, finding solutions, and advocacy. While defining problems and exploring alternative solutions have long been used to promote change, the need for systematic and iterative advocacy in this process has been less well understood.

Recently, researchers, managers, NGO personnel, and other concerned groups and individuals have found it necessary to become advocates, but they often have little knowledge of or training in the subject. As we and our collegues in Africa recognized more fully the need for advocacy, we looked for introductory materials that could be easily adapted and used at low cost in different local settings, but found few.

This Introduction to Advocacy Training Guide provides the tools for people to start engaging in the advocacy process, and is thus designed to: 

  • inform a diverse audience of potential advocates about advocacy and its methods; 
  • build some basic skills in advocacy; 
  • increase the use of available data to inform the advocacy process; 
  • give confidence to those who are embarking on advocacy efforts; 
  • encourage the democratic process by providing people with the skills to make their voices heard.