130923 The ICT Opportunity for a Disability-Inclusive Development Framework

The ICT Opportunity for a Disability-Inclusive Development Framework

Removing barriers to accessing Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) by persons with
disabilities is of paramount importance. In today’s world, with the ubiquitous impact of ICTs across all sectors of activities in all countries, no one should be excluded from using mobile phones, the Internet, televisions, computers, electronic kiosks and their myriad of applications and services including in education, political life, and cultural activities or for e-government or e-health to cite a few examples. Being excluded from these ICT-enabled applications implies being shut down not only from the information society, but also from accessing essential public services, as well as from the opportunity
of living an independent life.

In this context we can say without any hesitation that ensuring accessible ICTs for persons with disabilities and expanding access to these technologies, as well as to assistive technologies, should become a key element of global, regional and national strategies to remove the remaining barriers faced by persons with disabilities. In other words, ICT must be an integral part of a disability-inclusive development agenda.