130530 Sustainable Development post 2015 and starts and ends with children UNICEF

130530 Sustainable Development post 2015 and starts and ends with  safe, healthy and well-educated children UNICEF

We are entering a decisive phase to accelerate efforts and honor the Millennium Promise embedded in the MDGs. But while this promise is time bound, our collective responsibility does not expire. After 2015, newborns and growing children will have at least the same needs in terms of health, learning, good nutrition, and protection as the “MDG generation” – and much will remain to be done to meet our responsibilities to give them all a fair opportunity to live full, healthy lives, no matter where they live or what barriers they face.
Children’s rights and well-being should remain at the centre of the post-2015 agenda. Investment in children is a fundamental means to eradicate poverty, boost shared prosperity, and enhance inter-generational equity. It is also essential for strengthening their ability to reach their potential as productive, engaged, and capable citizens, contributing fully to their families and societies. Sustainable development starts and ends with safe, healthy and well-educated children.
-- Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director, April 2013