130530 Getting to know cerebral palsy Training Resource

130530 Getting to know cerebral palsy Training Resource
Working with parent groups – a training resource for facilitators, parents, caregivers, and persons with cerebral palsy

The overall purpose of the project was to develop and evaluate the acceptability of a model rehabilitation training programme for families of children with cerebral palsy (CP) in rural Bangladesh, where there is no access to community rehabilitation or support services. Furthermore a key objective was to develop a training resource that empowered families, and thus placed greater emphasis on use of a participatory approaches to training at community level.

The heart of this training package is the original training material called ‘Hambisela’, developed by the Cerebral Palsy Association (Eastern Cape) in South Africa.

After extensive reviewing of available resources and training material, this existing training package emerged as one that offered a participatory approach to empowering caregivers. There was no need to re-invent the wheel! In agreement with the Cerebral Palsy Association of Eastern Cape, we agreed to adapt and modify to the rural Bangladesh context. We have simplified many of the sessions, whilst also adding in some additional training sessions, and bringing in additional resource material.

This training manual is intended as a ‘living document’, that is a document which we expect to be further modified and adapted as it is rolled out and adapted to local context . An impact evaluation will be a useful next step in fully understanding the potential of this training manual in changing the lives of children with cerebral palsy and their families.