130529 Legal protections against HIV related human rights violations

130529 Legal protections against HIV related human rights violations
Experiences and lessons learned from national HIV laws in Asia and the Pacific
UNDP report

The objectives of this study were to:
1. document the experiences of countries of Asia and the Pacific in enacting and enforcing the provisions of national HIV laws addressing HIV-related discrimination and other HIV-related human rights violations;
2. describe additional or alternative approaches (other than inclusion of protections of rights within national HIV laws) that have been pursued in Asia and the Pacific for the protection and promotion of human rights in the context of HIV;
3. supplement the findings of the review with inputs from consultations with civil society, government partners, UN agencies and other stakeholders; and
4. provide recommendations to improve legal protections for people living with HIV (PLHIV) and other key populations

Drawing on lessons from country experiences, the study sought to identify
recommendations focusing on three key areas:
1. Legislation: priority issues that protective laws should address;
2. Access to justice: the importance of legal aid, community legal education and legal empowerment; and
3. Capacity development: strengthening the capacity of law and justice institutions (including parliamentarians, the judiciary, police and national human rights institutions) and other sectors to respond to HIV-related human rights issues.